CYBER-TECH Robotic characters add great impact for all types of events for the Corporate entertainments industry. Listed below are some of the different types of functions CYBER-TECH ROBOTS are suitable for: -

Store Promotions * Shopping Malls * Product Launches * Corporate Exhibition Stands * Trade Shows * Car Launches * Dinner Parties * Private Parties * Weddings and Balls * Team Building Days * Carnivals * Fêtes * Street and Town Entertainment * Nightclubs

Plus many other types of functions and events.

Welcome to the CYBER-TECH website of robotic meet and greet characters suitable for all types of functions and events.

On this website you will find all CYBER-TECH characters currently available for many different functions and events, with any new character developments being updated regularly.

The character tabs give information on all characters presently available along with their pictures, YouTube movie clips and also information on the event suitability for each character ensuring the right character for each unique event.

The Introduction page gives information on the History of CYBER-TECH. Clients List page shows a vast range of pleased clients and the Appraisals page gives edited appraisals from happy clients. Unedited versions can be released on request.